City: Montreal/Ottawa.

Licenses: TC/FAA/Namibian Commercial Pilot License, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer License.

Endorsements: Multi Engine, Instrument, Night.

Type Ratings: AC90, PC12.

Types flown: C172, C182, C206, C210 C208, KODIAK, BE58, PA28, PA44, PA46, PC12, AC90.

EFIS/FMS/GPS: Aspen, KLN90B, Garmin GNS480, GNS430/530 GTN650/750, G5, G600TXi, G1000.

Languages: English, German, Afrikaans

Documents: German/Austrian/Namibian Passport, Canadian Permanent Residence.

Aviation Experience: Ferry Pilot, Bush flying, Single Pilot IFR operations, Hot and high altitude flying, Mountain flying, High Arctic flying and cold weather operations, Air Ambulance/Medevac operations, Corporate flying, Aircraft Maintenance.


Note from Hagen:

I come from an aircraft maintenance engineering background and kickstarted my flying career in my home country Namibia.

After gaining a fair amount of Bush-flying experience throughout southern Africa for several years, I had the opportunity to experience more of my passion in North America and with it, the challenges of the cold environment Canada and the Arctic has to offer.

 By being the second generation of aviators within the family, I had the privilege to learn from my closest circle, how important it is to be in a flying community that shares their experiences and become a better pilot throughout the journey in aviation.

Your story may help or save fellow aviators.

hagen ferry pilot

Why we are different

All our pilots and flight instructors have regular flying jobs in which they fly different airplanes ranging from a two-seater Cessna 150 at a flight school all the way to a Saab 340 at a regional airline. We have a combined experience in the thousands of hours of bush flying including on tailwheel and floats, flight instruction, real IFR and airline flying.  Our goal is to bring the best out of you and make you fly safer and confident every time you are in the cockpit. We are ready to spend the time and resources it takes to achieve your goals.