Aviation Done Right.

Personalized Ground school, Freelance Instruction, Ferry Flying and Aviation Consulting.

Flexible Scheduling

You don't have to plan your schedule around us. We will accommodate our services to fit your schedule.

On budget and on time

When we promise a budget and a timeframe for completion, you have our word. 99% of the time we have been able to accomplish on or before the deadline.

Custom Training Plan

We don't use the same training and instruction techniques for everyone. We will tailor a custom training plan to meet your needs.

Ground Training

Personalized ground tutoring and ground school instruction to help you achieve your goal.

Flight Instruction

Whether you haven’t flown in a while and want to shake that rust off, or want to try out some grass and off strip landings, or  want to get out of your comfort zone to push your personal limits, or simply need a safety pilot, we’ve got you covered!

Hire a Class 1 flight instructor for your aviation training needs.

We are driven by values

We work hard to ensure our clients get the best value for the services we provide.

Training one of our clients in a 2200' grass strip in Northern AB.
Training a CPL student in middle of the Rockies.

Let’s work together on your next goal or project

We’re excited as much as you are to help you achieve your goals

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