City: Kamloops, BC

Licenses: Airline Transport Pilot License

Endorsements: Multi Engine, Instrument, Night and Class 2 Flight Instructor Rating.

Types flown: P180, C25A, C25B, C150/2, C172, C182, AC11, BE76, AG5B, PA32, RV6

EFIS/FMS/GPS: Garmin (GNS to G3000), UNS-1, ProLine 21.

Languages: English

Documents: Canadian Passport

Affiliations : Kamloops Flying Club, BCGA

Aviation Experience:
Canada/US/Mexico Charter Operations, Flight Instructor, Ferry Pilot, Single Pilot IFR,
Transport Canada Authorized Person and PRM.


Note from Tyler

 I started flying in 2012. I am a Class 2 Flight Instructor with loads of mountain flying experience starting at 500′ AGL all the way up to FL450. A jet rated pilot on the Cessna Citation 525 series as well as the Piaggio Avanti.
In the “little plane” world, I am one of the most experienced pilots in Canada on the Commander 112/114. For transition training into a new purchase or ferrying services in/out of BC, I can help you get it done in a safe and effective manner. 


Why we are different

All our pilots and flight instructors have regular flying jobs in which they fly different airplanes ranging from a two-seater Cessna 150 at a flight school all the way to a Saab 340 at a regional airline. We have a combined experience in the thousands of hours of bush flying including on tailwheel and floats, flight instruction, real IFR and airline flying.  Our goal is to bring the best out of you and make you fly safer and confident every time you are in the cockpit. We are ready to spend the time and resources it takes to achieve your goals.