City: Fort McMurray/Edmonton

Licenses: TC Commercial Pilot License

Endorsements: Multi Engine, Instrument, Tailwheel, Night and Class 1 Flight Instructor Rating.

Types flown: B-58, C150, C172, C182, C206, C208, C210, DA 20, DA 40, PA18, PA28, PA34, PA46, RV6, RV7, RV10.

EFIS/FMS/GPS: Aspen, Avidyne, Bendix King KLN90B, KLN94, Dynon, Garmin G5, GI 275, GNS480, GNS430/530 GTN650/750, G500, G500TXi, G600TXi, G1000

Languages: English, Tamil

Documents: Indian Passport, Canadian Permanent Residence.

Affiliations : Angel Flight Alberta, BCGA, COPA, YMM Angel Flight Club, Fort McMurray Flying Club

Aviation Experience:
Flight Instructor, Ferry Pilot, Bush flying, Single Pilot IFR operations, Mountain flying, High School Aviation Teacher, Aviation Lecturer, Industry Canada ROC-A Examiner, Aviation Consultant

Note from Vignesh:

I came to Canada by myself when I was 17 to pursue my dream of becoming a pilot since I was 3 years old. As I progressed further in my training, I had the opportunity to explore most of British Columbia and what General Aviation had to offer.

After becoming an instructor in Kamloops, I became curious and wanted to try out bush flying in northern Canada. I currently work full-time as a CFI and Training Captain for a local aviation company in Fort McMurray, Alberta. As soon as I started gaining real world experience in bush flying and single pilot IFR operations, I decided to make newer pilots as much as prepared to face the real-life challenges in aviation.

With passion in teaching and goal of making pilots safer, I decided to start BlueJay Aviation to take a step in the right direction. My ultimate goal is to create better, safer pilots, promote GA and introduce new people into aviation.

Vignesh Rajasekar

Why we are different

All our pilots and flight instructors have regular flying jobs in which they fly different airplanes ranging from a two-seater Cessna 150 at a flight school all the way to a Saab 340 at a regional airline. We have a combined experience in the thousands of hours of bush flying including on tailwheel and floats, flight instruction, real IFR and airline flying.  Our goal is to bring the best out of you and make you fly safer and confident every time you are in the cockpit. We are ready to spend the time and resources it takes to achieve your goals.